Cameron's Pukekohe Duathlon 9th August 2020

Race Reports, August 21, 2020

Cameron Maunder, U16 Age Group Champion, reports on the Suzuki North Island Secondary School Duathlon Champs at Pukekohe


I was very pleased with how I executed my race plan. I knew that Hunter is a strong cyclist and that there were some strong runners competing in the teams event so the entirety of the first run I just wanted to stay up front and possibly work with anyone to make a break so I could get as much of an advantage leading into the bike leg. This worked out perfectly because after a kilometre, I got away with 2 Kings boys and I could take my time in transition. For the bike leg (non-drafting) I just wanted to find a nice and comfortable pace and good lines through the course. On my last lap however, I saw a friend of mine (doing the teams race) turn for another lap. I had to slow down a little to decide weather I trust my counting or go for another lap but I ended up trusting myself which turned out to be the right decision and once again, I had transition to myself. I felt horrible as I started the run and for the first half I was doubting myself and wondering whether I had done enough laps but as I started on my way back to the start line, I got to see other competitors starting the run, so I knew I had done the right amount of laps, and with that confidence, I managed to pick up the pace again and made it to the finish line to be cheerfully congratulated by my grandparents and parents who are by far my top supporters. Very happy to take the W with a 2min buffer and I'm looking forward to the next race.


Special thanks to: thebankofmumanddad; WBHS Cycling; North Shore Swimming; NHTC; coach Dad